Roll up, roll up

THE WANSTEAD FRINGE returns this September and this is your chance to help it be the success Wanstead deserves.

The fringe runs for 3 weeks from 7th to 28th September, with these key dates:
* 7 Sept: Duke Street Party
* 14 Sept: Open Air Kinema
* 15 Sept: Wanstead Festival
* 21 Sept: Jumble Trail

BUT we urgently need 73 volunteers to help with the multitude of tasks which together help the Fringe run. Some are specialist roles, some are general, some are bigger than others. Most are small, specific tasks we need doing.

Here are some of the skills we need:

  • Publicity incl. social media natives, designers, internal comms experts, photographers, writers, subs, PR folk
  • Customer service people who can help our ticket-buyers, and perhaps even spend a few hours staffing a box office
  • Fundraisers, including application-writers
  • Administrators and people comfortable with WordPress
  • Event stewards, including ticket-checkers and smooth-runners
  • Electricians/lighting technicians
  • People who love the theatre and want to be involved in Wanstead Fringe Theatre
  • People who love cinema and want to be involved in Wanstead Kinema
  • People who love books and book festivals and want to be involved in Wanstead Book Festival
  • People who love music and want to be involved in concerts and recitals.
  • People who don’t know exactly what they want to do but want to be involved in this marvellous movement that makes Wanstead a more fun place to live and work in.
  • Philanthropists and cultural visionaries

Will you become one of the magnificent 73?

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